Your voice has power

By simply answering one question per day your Personal Digital Twin helps you gain mental strength through self-discovery.

Discover your inner voice and achieve your full potential through a guided Personal Digital Twin.

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Learn what makes you, you

Each answer trains your personal digital twin and allows you to view insights into your mind that will help you grow mentally strong.

Discover what occupies your mind, measure your sentiment towards a particular topic, and track your progress.

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The time is now to begin.

The Personal Digital Twin technology is just on the horizon. Prepare yourself to take advantage of Ai enhanced humanity.

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Phone showing MindBank Ai App Features.

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Data security is our top priority

MindBank Ai secures your data with end-to-end encryption between you and the cloud, secure keys that only you control, and blockchain technology for data governance.

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Andrew Weed - Director of Systems Infrastructure & Cyber Security

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